The Argument (2020)

The Argument (2020)

Jack loves Lisa. And he’s especially proud of her tonight, the last night of the play in which Lisa starred. Jack arranges a party to celebrate. But one of the guests flirts with Lisa. And it doesn’t help that he was Lisa’s co-star in the play. Plus they share a history. Maybe Jack is right to be jealous. Maybe he’s projecting. Either way, he explodes. Later he blames Lisa, but Lisa says she did nothing wrong. Their relationship is in jeopardy. There’s only one way to decide what really happened: They must recreate the evening exactly. Of course this ends in failure. But they try again and again. Finally Jack hires actual actors to recreate the evening. But this only increases the confusion, and now everyone is arguing.

Genre: Comedy

Director: Robert Schwartzman



Cast: Dan Fogler, Emma Bell, Maggie Q, Danny Pudi, Tyler James Williams, Cleopatra Coleman, Mark Ryder, Karan Brar, Marielle Scott, Charlotte McKinney, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett