The Arrangement (2019)

Drama, Horror

Harry Frick, a lonely, obsessive-compulsive cop, reluctantly investigates a series of mysterious midnight deaths of highly successful people. The only connection between the victims is a photo found on the first that changes to include the next.

Harry is teamed with an ambitious young detective named Jessica Alvarez who recently has been promoted, a career changed based primarily on her relationship with Harry’s nemesis, Lt. Nick Devlin. Harry at first thinks the deaths are just other lonely people ending it all, but his outlook changes as Devlin’s involvement in the case intensifies reminding Harry of a troubling pattern in Nick’s past. Harry also finds his soul mate in the body of the scarred and reclusive Melissa, someone he has been searching his whole life for, someone who has given Harry something to live and fight for.

As the deaths mount and the picture changes, this pattern becomes more personal sending Harry on a paranoid journey into his forgotten past.


GENRE: Drama, Horror
DIRECTOR: Jake Hunsicker
PRODUCER Andrew Hunsicker, Melissa Hunsicker, Jake Hunsicker, Jennifer M. Kay, Danny Donnelly, Aimee Theresa
CAST: Eric Roberts, Britney Amber, Danny Donnelly, Jennifer M. Kay, Deborah Twiss, Dax Richardson, Aimee Theresa

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