The Big Fat Lie (2019)

The Big Fat Lie (2019)

At age 58 Grant is rushed to hospital with a heart attack and is told he needs open heart surgery. This documentary tells his story of discovering how a whole food plant-based diet could turn his life around, and his journey to find out why government officials hadn’t warned him of the real dangers of fat. Grant also seeks interviews with New Zealand’s Heart Foundation, Cancer Society and major milk and beef companies. In the course of his journey Grant interviews; 7 professors, 9 doctors, 8 specialists and numerous case studies where people are delivered from; heart attacks, obesity, diabetes, cancer and gastro disease. This film confronts the established medical institutions’ reliance on medicine and surgery, while ignoring the outstanding health benefits of a plant based diet. Grant uses wry humour and grandchild snippets to illustrate, when on his mission to not only show that animal products are dangerous, but a plant based lifestyle rewards with fantastic health.

Genre: Documentary

Director: Grant Dixon

Producer: Grant Dixon


Cast: Professor Keith Woodford, Dr Murray Laugesen, Professor Boyd Swinburn, Dr Nick Wright Programme, Dr Luke Wilson