The City That Sold America (2019)

The City That Sold America (2019)

At the threshold of the 20th Century, a melting pot of adventurous immigrants, creative mavericks, and freedom-seeking African Americans shaped modern consumerism as we now know it. With intriguing insights and wistful nostalgia, The City That Sold America reveals how Chicago’s creative talent, business savvy, grit, and determination forever changed the country and its culture. For the first time, the film explores the shaping of consumer behavior, from the origins of ground-breaking, behavior-changing concepts to the unveiling of beloved TV icons that made lasting impressions upon generations of Americans. With access to a wealth of rare archives, The City That Sold America brings audiences behind-the-scenes stories from an advertising revolution and the untold tales of the creatives whose ingenuity and industry had the rest of the nation swooning to their rhythm.

Genre: Documentary

Director: Ky Dickens

Producer: Amy McIntyre, Mary Warlick, John W Bosher, Chris Charles, Katie Bryan, Alexis Jaworski


Cast: Keith Reinhard, Tom Burrell, Thomad Dyja, Susan Credle