The Competition (2018)



Theatrical Release: 1/26/18
Home Video Release: 3/27/18

Lauren, famously known as the “Pig Slayer” by her numerous fans, is a scientist turned blogger with a strict policy in regards to men.  According to her infidelity formula, boyfriends are likely to cheat after six months of dating. When her sister Gena catches wind that she’s writing a book on her theory, she plots to have her longtime friend Calvin be the man to convince Lauren to have faith in relationships and shut down her blog for good.

GENRE: Comedy

Harvey Lowry


 Thora Birch

Jasmine Fontes

Harvey Lowry

Ricki Maslar

Lyon Richardson

Scott South

Kelsey Tucker


Kelsey Tucker


Thora Birch

Chris Klein

Claire Coffee

David Blue

Gabrielle Stone

Jason Tobias

Tiffany Fallon

Michael Draper

Jasmine Fontes

Betsy Hume

Shelly Lipkin

Josh Edward

Tim Harrold

Kelsey Tucker

Catherine B. Johnson

Henry Noble

Ushi Hastie

Phil Chin

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