The Food Cure (2020)

The Food Cure (2020)

THE FOOD CURE explores the most extreme claim made about nutrition. Can a radical diet halt or even reverse a lethal disease like cancer? The documentary follows the extraordinary stories of six cancer patients who decide to tackle their disease with food. Ranging in age from a 70-year-old truck driver to a 6-month-old baby, the patients embark on an arduous journey. Will lifestyle changes and a plant-based diet work where aggressive chemotherapies and high-tech medicine often fail? Can the body’s own immune system really defeat cancer? The film documents the patients’ diverse experiences over an unprecedented timespan of 7 years. Providing a rare inside look at the challenges, accomplishments, and disappointments that go hand in hand with swimming against the stream, this intimate and unflinchingly honest documentary shows the astonishing feats that can be achieved with nutrition and tells an engaging story about what it is like to make a leap of faith when your life is at stake.

Genre: Documentary

Director: Sarah Mabrouk

Producer: Sarah Mabrouk, Alexander Wadouh, Sybella Stevens


Cast: Dr Valter Longo, Dr. Kelly Turner, Dr. Terry Mason, Dr. Jeffrey White, Wolfgang Gerz, Beata Bishop, Kathryn Alexander, Gar Hildenbrand, Tanya Gomez