The Human Race (2019)


THE HUMAN RACE is an inspirational full-length documentary about six runners, all over the age of 50, as they each train for the biggest race of their lives. These six athletes cover quite the spectrum: from a father attempting his very first 5K – with his autistic son by his side, to beloved running icon Kathrine Switzer who, in 1967, became the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon as a numbered entry, to an 80-year-old running a half-marathon in celebration of her birthday, to a cancer survivor’s attempt to run across all fifty states. We’ll find out what motivates them to keep going, we’ll delve deeply into their various training programs, and we’ll follow them all the way to the finish line – while getting to know their colorful personalities and gaining insight on how running has helped them through various struggles. Make no mistake, this documentary is not “cute. ” These runners are dedicated, fierce, competitive. . . and they could probably outrun you.

GENRE: Documentary
DIRECTOR: Liz Vassey
PRODUCERS: Debbie Voiles

Liz Vassey

David Emmerichs

Leah Breuer

Dave Loftis

CAST: Jose Collazos

Debbie Voiles

Kathrine Switzer

Mike Ehredt

Elaine Breiger

Helene Neville

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