The Last Three Days (2020)

Drama, Romance, Science Fiction, Thriller, Action, Mystery

“Jack had it all – a perfect romance with his wife and a dream job as an undercover cop. But five years later, Jack’s dedication to his work is taking a toll on his marriage. Facing stress and danger at every turn, Jack is forced to live a double life as he is plunged deep into the world of criminal narcotics. When the rise of a Japanese crime syndicate threatens to flood the streets with a mysterious drug called “Reaver,” Jack and his veteran partner, Dave, devise a plan to take down the syndicate and make the biggest bust of their careers. But things go south, and Jack is drugged with this dangerous new narcotic. Upon waking, he finds he is missing his partner, his wife, and the last three days of his life. Crippled by this mysterious drug, he is forced to relive each of the missing days in reverse order. Caught in the middle of police corruption, hunted by the syndicate, and unable to trust his own perception of reality, Jack must race against time to save the life he’s lost.



GENRE: Drama, Romance, Science Fiction, Thriller, Action, Mystery
DIRECTOR: Brian Ulrich
PRODUCER Julianna Ulrich, Brian Ulrich
CAST: Robert Palmer Watkins, Thomas Wilson Brown, Deborah Lee Smith, Roy Huang, Gina Hiraizumi, Holly Hawkins, Clint Jung, John Rozelle, Matthew Jayson Cwern, Stacey Hinnen, Jay Pennick, Stephan Goldbach, Fusako Shiotani, Yuki Matsuzaki, Kento Matsunami, Carson Nicely, Octavio Rodriguez, Julia Manis, Megumi Kabe, Grace Gordon, Stephanie Chavarria, Julianna Ulrich, Torry Dechert, Rob Lister, Jennifer Kodros, Katina Nikou, Phillip Burton, Greg Watson, Holly Champagne, Jasmin Bristow, Brette O’Brien,

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