The Mystery of Britannic (2018)

The Mystery of Britannic (2018)

A docudrama that reveals a unique scenery on the terrible fate of the sister ship of the Titanic. The project presents the on-screen combination of re-enacted historical events intertwined with the scientific underwater documentary. The narration of the re-enacted story is being done by Nelly – who has departed her affluent family to serve as a newly recruited volunteer nurse on the hospital ship. Nelly shares her heart-piercing story of a courageous voyage aboard of the legendary Britannic – an ill-fated ocean liner, converted into the military hospital ship, bound for a shattering demise. The combined efforts of researchers, scientists and SFX team made it possible to life-like witness the last minutes of the hospital ship. Together with the characters of the movie, the viewer will go through the actions of noble sacrifice, the story of love, the horrors of war, re-live the unspeakable tragedy happened a century ago and behold the wreck of the hospital ship in all her silent glory.

Genre: Documentary

Director: Evgeny Tomashov, Sergey Veksler

Producer: Anastasia Budykho, Marina Budykho, Evgeny Tomashov

Writer: Evgeny Tomashov

Cast: Martin Angerbauer, Erica Muscat, Marysia S. Peres, Christopher Dingli, Davide Tucci, Michael Ihnow, André Agius, Christopher Heiser, Jonathan Pyatt, Richard Kohler, Alan Paris, Stephen Oliver, Anthony Da Silva, Henry Zammit Cordina, Edward Caruana Galizia, John Marinelli, Nicholas Jackman, Jeanette Cutajar