The Push (2019)

The Push (2019)

Winner of a dozen major film festivals, The Push is an inspiraional documentary that focuses on Grant Korgan, an adventure athlete and former nanoscientist who became the first spinal cord injured athlete attempting to ski to the South Pole. Just 5 months after marrying the love of his life, while attempting a snowmobile jump, Grant crashed, breaking his back. During rehab, Grant was offered an opportunity to join a South Pole expedition. In Antarctica they struggled with minus 50 degree conditions, failing solar panels, hypothermia, and mental challenges. On 1/17/12 Grant became the 1st spinal cord injured athlete to reach the bottom of the world. When Grant returned home, the thrill of his achievement turned to reflection about his reality , life with paralysis. But Grant made a profound, inspiring decision, to choose positivity. He focuses on what he is able to do and finds challenge and comfort in kayaking, downhill skiing, diving, and waterskiing as an adaptive athlete.

Genre: Documentary

Director: Grant Korgan, Brian Niles, Geoff Callan

Producer: Grant Korgan, Tal Fletcher, Shawna Korgan, Geoff Callan, Jeffrey Allard


Cast: Grant Korgan, Tal Fletcher, Shawna Korgan, Doug Stoup, John Davis