The Queen’s Man (2020)

The Queen's Man (2020)

Steve thinks he’s uncovered the largest unreported art heist in the history of the United States, involving the Mafia, the FBI, and potential stolen masterpieces. But most importantly, the victim is someone he considers a very close friend: Her Imperial Majesty Farah Pahlavi, the exiled Queen of Iran, whom he used to bodyguard.Armed with a bulldog mentality, Steve embarks on a quixotic quest to find her art. But the bolder he gets, the less clear it becomes how interested the Queen actually is, prompting the filmmakers to investigate the investigator: Why is Steve really doing this? And will he ever stop?

Genre: Documentary

Director: Daniel Claridge, Andrew Coffman



Cast: Steve Talt, Jacob McKenna, Leon Howard, Thomas McShane, Frank Keetz, Stephen Salmieri, Edgar Robb, Aysin Yoltar-Yildirim