The Republic of Two (2014)

The Republic of Two (2014)

Twenty somethings, Tim and Caroline are deeply in love, but still fear the reality of being a real couple. They live together but separately, so as not to put undue pressure on their evolving relationship. When a neighbor moving out offers them his two bedroom apartment, Tim and Caroline are confronted with the logistics of actually being together long term. Tim wants to be a doctor, and Caroline doesn’t know what she wants. They know their love is real, but can that love endure a town full of possibilities and temptation?

Genre: Comedy

Director: Shaun Kosta

Producer: Shaun Kosta, Tim Bright, Melanie Blair


Cast: Janet Montgomery, Brent Bailey, Stephanie Lemelin, Brandon Fobbs, Azim Rizk, Kelly Noonan, Skip Beals, Jon Seminara