The Source Family (2013)

The Source Family (2013)

It’s 1972, a time of social upheaval, radical fervor, and the rise of new religions and communes across the country. The Source Family considers themselves an “Aquarian tribe,” a secretive 
but outlandish group of 140 beautiful young people, devotees of a controversial Hollywood restaurateur-turned-spiritual leader who has 14 wives, drives a Rolls Royce and fronts his own rock band, calling himself “Father Yod.” The Family are local legends. By day, they operate the Source restaurant, which serves organic cuisine to John Lennon, Warren Beatty and many influential figures of the time. Behind closed doors in their Hollywood Hills mansion, the Family convene and meditate under the guidance of their “spiritual father,” Yod. He initiates his “sons and daughters” into a variety of extreme practices, which cause controversy with local authorities. The Family flees to Hawaii, eventually leading to their dramatic demise.

Genre: Documentary

Director: Jodi Wille, Maria Demopoulos

Producer: Jodi Wille, Maria Demopoulos, Holly Becker, Amaryllis Knight, Braxton Pope, Michael Deluise, Isis Aquarian, Adam Parfrey, John Tanzer


Cast: Jim Baker, Ahom Aquarian, Isis Aquarian, Elena Michaels