The Truth About Marriage  (2020)

The Truth About Marriage (2020)

Award-winning documentarian Roger Nygard (Trekkies, The Nature of Existence) explains why relationships fail, and provides scientifically researched tips on how to find one that goes the distance. We all know the statistics: marriage rates are down, divorce rates are up, and over time, people are more and more dissatisfied in their relationships and marriages. Never in history have we expected so much from romantic partners and gotten so little. Why do people keep getting married when fifty percent break up? Tracking down the experts, Nygard sets out to solve the mystery of relationships and discovers surprising scientific facts about how we find each other to begin with, how to increase the chances of finding a soulmate, and why what we call fate is anything but. The Truth About Marriage is a powerful documentary steeped in the mysteries of attraction and psychology, while never losing sight of romance, joy, and comedy.

Genre: Documentary

Director: Roger Nygard

Producer: Roger Nygard, Billy Sullivan


Cast: Pat Allen, Robin Baker, Lazer Brody, Noel Biderman, Joy Chen, Stephanie Coontz, Fara Dabhoiwala, William J. Doherty, John Gottman, Julie Schwartz Gottman, Roger Nygard, Matt Ridley, Christopher Ryan, Neil Strauss, Rachel Hope, Beryl Huang, Marni Kagan