They Live Inside Us (2020)

They Live Inside Us (2020)

They Live Inside Us follows the story of Jake, a man consumed with writer’s block after the recent loss of his wife. In hope of finding inspiration for his next project, he takes his daughter Dani to spend Halloween night in the notoriously haunted Booth House—a legendary place, shrouded in mystery, which has laid vacant for years. Jake soon discovers there is something sinister lurking inside, and that he is now being consumed by his own horror story.

Genre: Horror

Director: Michael Ballif



Cast: James Morris, Hailey Nebeker, Stevie Dutson, Emily Broschinsky, Jack Beck, Thomas Morris, Shelby Thomas, Emily Ashby, Jake Watters, Adam Zeller, Allen Bradford, Michael Ballif, Jordan Swenson, Sadie Z Ballif