THIRST (2023)

Zimbelism (2017)

Jose Martinez, a lawyer with a history of substance abuse, struggles with insomnia while he and his wife, Lucy, seek fertility treatments in hopes of having their first baby. Jose’s insomnia worsens, causing him to act erratically, which concerns Lucy, his sister Vicky, and her girlfriend Lisa. The insomnia spreads throughout the town, with some residents becoming unhinged and dangerous. Eventually, it is revealed that the local water supply has been contaminated with amphetamines that were leaked from a pharmaceutical plant during a recent power outage. Panic takes over the town, as bottled water and gasoline supplies are fully depleted. As the situation becomes more dire, Jose, Vicky, Lisa, and Lucy head to an abandoned ranch on the outskirts of town with an uncontaminated pond. While this is initially their salvation, nefarious characters descend upon the pond, claiming it as their own, and chaos ensues.

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Director: Eric Owen

Producer: Eric Owen, Josh Taylor, Ben Root, Karla Armendáriz, Clay Barron

Writer: Eric Owen

Cast: Brian Villalobos, Lori Kovacevich, Federica Rangel, Stephanie Slayton, Sarah Jack, Scotty Walker