Total Frat Movie (2016)


Three years after his fraternity’s chapter is revoked, Charlie Martin searches for redemption by attempting to get the frat reinstated, but he needs 15 new members by the end of rush week. One problem: rush starts in 24 hours.

GENRE: Comedy
DIRECTOR: Warren P. Sonoda
PRODUCERS: Brian K. Ross

Bob Sanitsky

Jonathan Bronfman

Neil Bregman

WRITERS: Stephen Fromkin

Sacha Pavlovic

CAST: Tom Green

Nick Bateman

Justin Deeley

Jamie Johnston

Rebecca Dalton


‘Fursonas’ explores Furry fandom and the media

May 14, 2016
By Rob Owen PITTSBURGH (AP) - Filmed partly in Pittsburgh, home to the annual Furries fest Anthrocon each summer, the new documentary “Fursonas” was made by a local man who was
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What’s a Furry? A New Movie Takes You Inside Their World

May 10, 2016
By Meredith Clark Dominic Rodriguez wasn't an active member of the furry community when he decided to make a documentary about the subculture. Sure, he was intrigued by drawings of happy, human-sized
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‘Fursonas’ Documentary Illuminates the Beauty and Anger In Furry Culture

May 5, 2016
By Emily Gaudette We spoke with director Dominic Rodriguez about Anthrocon, sexuality, and a totalitarian cockroach. Documentary director Dominic Rodriguez did not know he was a furry until he was partially finished with
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Backstreet Boys

Gravitas Sews Up Slamdance Furry Subculture Docu ‘Fursonas’

January 22, 2016
by Ross A. Lincoln Exclusive: One of the least understood modern cultural oddities is the Furry Fandom subculture, like-minded people who enjoy dressing up like cartoon animals, usually with intricately designed, self-made
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