Trail of Ashes (2018)

Trail of Ashes (2018)

When the empress’s daughter Lina disappears, the Crow Tribe, still rebelling against the empire, plans a mission to find her first, in an attempt to have leverage over their enemy. Silas, raised by the Crow Tribe, is tasked with intercepting a “quill” (or justice-seeker) sent to investigate the prime suspect in the case: an inquisitor, one of the empress’s elite. Silas, now posing as the quill Ranieri, is conflicted when he learns the inquisitor he is to interview is actually his long lost brother, Marco, who was raised by the empire after both brothers were orphaned due to a tragic and mysterious incident. As the investigation deepens, Silas realizes that nothing is what it seems. The case will unlock secrets that will blur the reality of everyone involved.

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Director: Arturo Lizardi



Cast: Arturo Lizardi, Héctor Escudero, Cecilia Argüelles, Migdalia Rosario, Carlos Miranda, Isabelle Lizardi, Jasmin Sanabria, Robert García Cooper, Ian Daryk Ramos.