Undergods (2021)

Undergods (2021)

An otherworldly journey through a Europe in decline…UNDERGODS is a collection of darkly humorous, fantasy tales about failed societies and doomed fortune. Two corpse collectors roam the desolate streets of an unknown city chatting humorously about their dreams in which a series of men see their worlds fall apart through a visit from an unexpected stranger. With a distinct, pan European cast, UNDERGODS is a singular vision of foreboding future, blending the particular supernatural flavour of ’80s anthology films, such as Twilight Zone, the visual flair of ’70’s sci-fi epics such as Stalker, with a touch of European, art-house sensibility. UNDERGODS journeys though disparate eras and realities fusing failed 20th Century utopias and 21st Century Ikea nightmares in an unsettlingly entertaining debut from director, Chino Moya, set to an original, synth score from Wojeich Golczewsky and featuring ’80’s electronica.

Genre: Fantasy, Thriller

Director: Chino Moya



Cast: Ned Dennehy, Kate Dickie,  Burn Gorman, Tanya Reynolds, Geza Rohig, Johann Meyers, Hayley Carmichael, Michael Gould, Khalid Abdalla, Jan Bijvoet, Eric Godon Tadhg Murphy, Katariina Unt, Sam Louwyck, Adrian Rawlings