Unicorn Town (2022)

Zimbelism (2017)

Following a handful of American professionals on a team of German amateurs, UNICORN TOWN takes us into one of the most fascinating sports organizations in the world. Despite having just 40,000 residents and limited financial resources, the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns have been able to compete at the highest level of football in all of Europe. But as more money floods into the sport, coaches and fans must face the question: has this team become a relic of the past or can their remarkable culture propel them beyond the constraints of reality?

Genre: Documentary, Sports

Director: Nick Alfieri

Producer: Christian McCaffrey, Brent Craft, Nick Alfieri, Sven Löffler, Andrew Carlberg, Paul Pawlowski, Paul Monusky, Danny Hamouie, Matthew Nemeth, Natassja Eckerström


Cast: Siegfried Gehrke, Jordan Neuman, Nick Alfieri, Tyler ‘Rudy’ Rutenbeck, Devin Benton, Thomas ‘Smoke’ Rauch, Marco Ehrenfried, Cody Pastorino, Joseph ‘Jojo’ Joyner, Jerome Manyema, Bruno Michitti, Daniel Docal, Gerhard ‘Jerry’ Jäger, Moritz Böhringer