VIF The Movie (2018)


VIF is a one-of-a-kind cinematic documentary, taking us through the introspective life journey of fashion designer Christian Audigier. He created the brand ‘Ed Hardy’, based on the designs of famous American tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy. After being diagnosed with MDS, an aggressive type of blood cancer, Christian is forced to accept what lies ahead of him.

GENRE: Documentary

Didier Beringuer

PRODUCERS: Christian Audigier

Samuel Boutboul

Moyo Brothers

Fabrice Sopoglian


Didier Beringuer


Christian Audigier

Charles Aznavour

Don Cheadle

Chico & The Gypsies

Norman De Buck

Stephen Dorff

Sicily Fontaine

Debby Gerber

François Girbaud

Johnny Hallyday

Don Ed Hardy

Randy Irwin

Daymond John

Michael Madsen

Snoop Dogg

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