What’s My Name Again? (2023)

Zimbelism (2017)

It’s 1985 and with two days to adulthood and the final race of his illustrious HS swimming career, Bo’s fiery mom breaks the news that his stepdad’s adoption paperwork was never filed. He must choose one of his three disengaged fathers’ surnames before he comes of age and files his swimming scholarship. Bo’s sordid upbringing, and the impact each father had on his makeshift identity, come to a head at his eighteenth birthday bash. The surname debate triggers some good ole toxic masculinity, ending in his fathers’ literally fighting for him for the first time in his life. Bo escapes South of the border on a voyage of discovery and debauchery with his budding lover, Alea, and best pal, Griff. The night leads Alea to confront the pressures of dating outside her family’s ethnicity, Griff to accept his budding sexuality and Bo to realize he must clean the slate to start a legacy of his own.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Independent

Director: Spencer Zender

Producer: Spencer Zender, Seth Fuller, Margo McHugh

Writer: Spencer Zender

Cast: Ryan Winn, Allison Byrnes, Nick Schultz, Talia Mychael Blaney, Theodore Newton, Daniel Abraham Stevens, Lucas Coleman, Grace Patterson