When Time Got Louder (2023)

Zimbelism (2017)

This character-driven film follows Abbie (Hunger Games’ Willow Shields) as she departs for college, leaving her parents Mark (Riverdales’ Lochlyn Munro) and Tish (Emmy-Nominee Elizabeth Mitchell), and her brother Kayden (Jonathan Simao) who has autism and is non-verbal. As she explores her newfound independence with her roommate Jen (Piper Curda) and falls in love with a girl named Karly (Ava Capri), Abbie is torn between her new life and the guilt of leaving her brother as her family struggles to care for him in her absence.

Genre: Drama, Romance

Director: Connie Cocchia

Producer: Connie Cocchia, Ken Frith, Jason Bourque

Writer: Connie Cocchia

Cast: Willow Shields, Lochlyn Munro, Elizabeth Mitchell, Jonathan Simao, Ava Capri, Piper Curda, Sharon Taylor