Who Are You People (2023)

Zimbelism (2017)

Sixteen-year-old Alex Fixel has always felt out of sync; with her affluent Portland parents, with her private school peers, and with herself. When Alex’s parents interrupt her impetuous attempt to seduce her high school English teacher, they plan to ship her off to boarding school. But before Alex leaves, she finds an old letter in her mother’s desk indicating her biological father is not the man who raised her; instead he’s a small-town mechanic — and former convict — named Karl Hendricks. Alex escapes her new boarding school and tracks down her father. Over the next week, Alex and Karl’s fragile and volatile attempts at connection tenuously blossoms into a sincere father/daughter bond… Until Alex discovers the devastating truth about her roots, threatening to destroy both her old and new family.

Genre: Drama

Director: Ben Epstein

Producer: Toby Louie, Ben Epstein, Jordan Foley, Nick Smith

Writer: Ben Epstein

Cast: Ema Horvath as Alex, Devon Sawa as Karl, Yeardley Smith as Sara, with John Ales as Cary, and Alyssa Milano as Judith