Wintertide (2023)

Zimbelism (2017)

Beth, a volunteer watch person of an isolated northern city battles a plague of depression that transforms the few remaining residents into empty, zombie-like automatons. She discovers that by entering an alternative dimension through her own dreams, she’s able to stave off the illness during the long, possibly endless winter. But will her power be enough to sustain her?

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Director: John Barnard

Producer: Tony Wosk, John Barnard, Kyle Bornais, Michael O’Sullivan

Writer: John Barnard, Carrie May Siggins

Cast: Niamh Carolan, Solange Sookram, Jeremy Walmsley, Jesse Nobess, Colleen Furlan, Darcy Fehr, John B. Lowe, Onalee Ames, Michael O’Sullivan