Wolf Hollow (2023)

Zimbelism (2017)

Newbie film producer Alex (Christina Krakowski) has led her team of filmmakers, including her best friend Ray (Noah Welter) back to his hometown of Wolf Hollow. But when they stumble across a den of werewolves, led by his older brother Bart (Brian Ceponis), it’s not long before the blood flies and the nightmare begins. With time running out and the bodies piling up, Alex and Ray must choose to run and hide or die trying to survive the bloodiest night of their lives.

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Director: Mark Cantu

Producer: Liz Cantu, Brian Ceponis, Lynn Thrace Werkheiser, Don Bumgarner, Tredd Barton, BJ Mezek, Lisa J Hinds, Lucas Dunaway, Daniel John Kearney

Writer: Mark Cantu

Cast: Felissa Rose, Hannah Fierman, Lynn Lowry, Brian Ceponis, Christina Krakowski, Noah Welter, Brandon Krum, Jess Uhler, Kamarra Cole, Spencer Madison, Lucas Dunaway, Jordan Ploskina