Wrestled Away (2019)


Kemp’s life starts in racial turmoil until he finds wrestling in 9th grade. He goes nearly undefeated in High School and moves on to Wisconsin. At 18, Kemp defeats Dan Gable, a legend in american wrestling. Kemp goes on to take 3 NCAA Championships and 101 consecutive wins, then transitions to the world stage at 21, becoming the youngest american wrestler to win a World Championship. He is destined for gold in 1980. Fate takes over and America boycotts the 1980 Olympic Games. The most accomplished American wrestler of all time is stripped of his chance to compete, and Kemp falls far into the darkness. He experiences many tragedies through this dark period – finally landing in prison. Wrestling with adversity, Kemp decides to get back up and come back with all his heart. Kemp’s coaching brings victory to olympic wrestlers and MMA fighters, and inspires a whole new generation of wrestlers. It is a story of hope, redemption and the most dedicated wrestler the world has ever seen.

GENRE: Documentary
DIRECTOR: Riley Hanlon

Matt Finkes

Tommy Reid

Bradly Jennings

CAST: Lee Kemp

Billy Baldwin

Urijah Faber

Daniel Cormier

Henry Cejudo

Dan Gable

Kenny Monday

Stan Dziedzic

Nancy Shultz

Dan Chandler

Dave Evans

Russ Hellickson

Jerry Metcalf

Chuck Yagla

Mitch Hull

Duane Kleven

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